Why You Need A Self Storage Unit

Living in a crowded house is the thing of the past, especially if your kids are off to college. So what can one do about it? Well, cluttered home is harder to clean, but you find it just as hard disposing of furniture you’ve lived with for quite a while. Don’t worry; the solution is just around the corner. Self-storage unit is a practical way to keep all your stuff for the future use, while you live in a tidy home.

Minimalism takes over, especially when you have no time to clean, a sometimes, having less is more. So, get ready to move some of that unnecessary furniture away, at least for a period, and see how that goes. Given you’re just storing it away, the feeling is different. If you’re still not convinced, there are reasons why you should consider renting a self-storage unit.

Budget-friendly Option

Renting a self-storage unit is not just practical, it’s also cheaper than you think. There is a variety of sizes to choose from, to maximise the usage of the space. If you only need to store away a few pieces of furniture, that’s fine too. Selecting the option that suits your needs is the point of the self-storage unit. Make sure to calculate the yearly cost once you settle for a choice. It’s always good to have an insight, and, you’ll have the idea of the value in your head at all times.

Better Safety

Self-storage unit is monitored at all times, which means you can store anything of value, and be sure it’ll be protected at all times. Self-storage units are equipped with cameras working 24/7. If you’re looking to store your valuable antique furniture, self-storage unit is a perfect choice. The best thing about it is that you’re the one choosing what to save away, which means that practically anything from memories to the gifts can be stored away for later use.

Climate Control

If you’re afraid that some of your stuff is too fragile to be stored away, let us assure you, that self-storage units are adapted to the area you live in. The climate control is a must, so you no longer need to worry about humidity level or the high temperatures. Self-storage unit incorporates all the features to ensure that quality remains enacted. Another great thing about renting storage space is that it’s in the hand of professionals like Storage Plus Sydney, which means you’ll be able to get advice on how to store away specific items, and the unit will be adapted accordingly.

The Aftermath

Once the process is over, you’ll find that clearing out your house is not a bad thing. On the contrary, less cluttered space will give you room to try out some new features. Maybe you can turn the room you never used to a gym, or perhaps you’ll be able to rent it out to someone else. In any case, what matters is that you no longer need to take care of it, which means you can use your time for something else, assured that all your stuff is safely stored away and that you can retrieve it at any time.

Moving house? What to Be Cautious of When Choosing a Removalist


When faced with the tiring process of moving house, it can be really discouraging when you put too much effort and time into planning a good – local or long distance – move, only to have an incompetent removalist ruin everything. Yes, dishonest and disreputable movers are out there to wreak havoc on your relocation, but here’s how to identify and lock them out.

1.Estimates & Fees 

Beware of  removalists that give you estimates and fees over the internet or phone. The mover should first visit you home and inspect all the belongings you want to move – and then provide a free quotation with no obligation. During the in-home inspection, the mover also reviews any special item properties you have for moving – are they awkwardly shaped, too heavy, or too valuable? Estimates are usually based on weight rather than cubic feet – that is, truck or vehicle space.

2. Denied Proper Insurance

Certainly something isn’t right if you are denied proper insurance. A removalist is required to arrange for cargo insurance while moving. The property-liability covers all the items being relocated. Before moving, make sure you ask your mover for proof of insurance – request additional info about each coverage option – and how to file a claim in case of loss or damage to property. If your selected mover does not provide moving insurance for your stuff, do consider contracting a properly insured moving service for your upcoming house move.

3. Bad Online Reputation

Bad online reputation is the first step to expose bad movers. Moving testimonials and reviews left by customers can be used to determine if you are getting the real deal. Good and reliable removalists understand the importance professional reputation to their business. They handle client claims, issues and disputes quickly and fairly – and provide excellent relocation services to keep their online records clean. Therefore, you need to proceed with caution if you find a mover with bad reviews.

4. Unprofessional

On moving day, be cautious of movers, especially furniture removalists who arrive in an unmarked truck, look unprofessional, act rudely, or bring damaged and dirty packing materials. Furniture removal is a delicate process; if not done properly the furniture can break, or get scratched – and the house may be possibly damaged due to repeated hits and bangs when removing bigger items.

5. Incomplete Removalist Documentation

Another telltale sign that you’re likely dealing with an incompetent furniture removalist is incomprehensible or incomplete removalist documentation. Read the fine print carefully before you place your signature. Don’t trust movers who give you an incomplete or worst of all – blank documents and force you to sign them.

6. Inflexible Payment Options

A competent mover should offer flexible payment options – if not be wary. A big indicator that a moving company isn’t legitimate is when they demand cash-only payments or a large deposit. Most house removalists only charge you when the house move is over.

7. No Online Presence 

Fraudulent moving companies either have no website or if they have one, it has no information about their local address, contacts, license, and insurance options. If you cannot find the info you want on their page, don’t bother contacting them. If you decide to call them and they have a hard time answering your questions, it is wise to hire another removalist.

Make yourself a big favor by choosing the best mover in your area. Do some extra homework and you will enjoy a smooth, trouble-free moving experience.